A Design that adapts to your lifestyle

We have developed three unique Design-1 profiles, all of which are aimed at adapting the Design-1 to meet your daily requirements. Whilst the interchangeability amongst all configurations ensures you are ready for every situation.

The Design-1 is inspired by the timeless cars of the 60s, set out to unify design from yesterday with technology from today. This is a term we at Jannarelly call "Retro-futuristic".

Anthony Jannarelly

The Design-1 was intended to be a personal project, portraying what I wanted in a sports car today.


A distinct silhouette that would be instantly recognizable and truly unique. 

Anthony Jannarelly

Interior Details

Since the early stages of development, the Design-1 has focused on delivering a driver-oriented cabin. Focusing on functionality whilst ensuring a tactile and robust feel. The majority of components utilize high-quality leather and carbon fiber to bring a modern touch to a classic design.

All control switches are within close reach, with the instrument panel delivering all vital information to the driver. The steering and pedals are tuned to deliver maximum feedback to the driver, allowing for easy adjustments mid-corner or under braking.

Developed on the road & track

The Design-1 captivates the senses by maximizing driver involvement through a manual transmission and no technological interference. Emphasizing driver skill and reward.


Having been developed on the track as well as the road, we have adapted the car to meet the demands of our customer through the introduction of new parts that make the car more practical for daily use, in addition to custom track oriented parts aimed at increasing the performance capabilities of the Design-1.

At the heart of Design-1

At the heart of Design-1 lies an award-winning 3.5l V6 engine sourced from Nissan. Alongside a manual transmission or optional automatic. The Design-1 delivers maximum performance and reliability for years to come. 


Built on a bespoke chassis, the car delivers on its promise of a pure uninterrupted driving experience right from its core. As well as possessing double wishbones suspension at the front and rear and in board shock absorbers at the front, everything is mechanically adjustable to suit the driving style of the owner.

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