As we near the end of our 30 launch edition cars, we decided to look back on our journey and share the experience of our owners throughout a series of interviews that will be shared on our platform. Providing insight into their decision to purchase the Design-1, the creative process as well as their view on the automotive industry. The story will begin with one of our first customers Roger El Tawil who has played an intricate role in designing his Design-1 post-handover with certain modifications to the exterior styling to help bring his vision to life.

"The car has a soul"                             "I was really hooked"

The Design-1

“Going back to the beginning, I was having dinner one night and met Anthony. He introduced me tohis new project, the Design-1. It was a great experience, getting to see a few pictures and I completely fell in love with it. I had never seen anything like it in the region and even around the world, so I wasreally hooked onto seeing what we can do and get on the car”. When Roger decided to order his Design-1 on of the most important choices he had to make was the colour and whilst he thought the “launch colour was one of the most amazing colours Anthony had”he found he wanted something different. Jannarelly offers a completely bespoke package to each customer allowing them to fully explore all possibilities. The decision by Roger to pursue a red finish was inspired by the classic heritage it brings into the picture. “Discussing the design with Anthony, he initially conceptualized the Design-1 with a black interior but towards the end, we decided to look at something else and found this beautiful blue which I think is an amazing colour and really pops and makes the car special”.

View on the automotive sector

Roger has a strong passion for cars, having driven so many he expressed his view that “after a few months you stop appreciating them. They become an everyday car and you don’t really plan your journey or really experience it”. His view on the Design-1 was a throwback to Le Man era cars that focused on weight whilst offering around 300hp, whilst the shark-fin installed helps bring back that heritage and makes the car even further resemble those of the 60s. “The car isn’t about speed it’s about the lifestyle, going on the track, having fun and planning yourweekend away. It is becoming a project and a hobby. I look forward to my weekends where I can drivethe car. It is an eye catcher and people ask loads of questions about it”The view of the automotive sector in recent years is that the continued pursuit of more advanced technology is making the cars feel more and more like a video game experience. In contrast to the Design-1 that he believes “has a soul” offering a pure unobtrusive experience to those who want to experience the thrill and excitement of the Design-1.

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