Phenomen Watches

Those who appreciate the attention to detail in products today should take a look at the latest masterpiece by Phenomen Watches called the PH-010 Caliber. A timepiece unlike any other. Jannarelly was present at the launch, with designer Anthony Jannarelly getting a first hands on look at the PH-010. For those of you wondering why I am talking to you about watches and not cars is because the likes of Phenomen and Jannarelly share a common heritage, in that French designers have worked painstakingly to create products that are unique in their own right and stride to deliver an experience of ownership unlike any other. With both brands seeking to produce a timeless piece of art that takes inspiration from products of old and fuse them with the latest technology available today.

Like the Design-1, this timepiece is not for everyone. Rather it is for those who want something more than what is available in the market today. A product that is both exclusive and strides to achieve more than what has become expected of brands today.

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