The story of Anthony Jannarelly

Anthony Jannarelly with the first production Design-1

Prior to designing car, Anthony worked in the jewelry sector and as years went by his passion for cars led him into the automotive sector. If you were to search up projects of his, you will likely stumble across his work with W-Motors in leading the design of the Lykan Hypersport as well as the Fenyr Supersport. These projects were aimed at blending luxury and sportiness.

Anthony became known for his attention to detail, ensuring every detail no matter how small was perfect. He believed that "the difference between us and other automakers is we can pay more attention to every detail" this statement was focused on the Lykan. Since then however Anthony has taken his passion for cars even further, establishing his own brand alongside his partner Frederich Juillot.

Jannarelly Automotive was never originally intended to become a manufacturer in itself, rather is was a personal project for what Anthony believed was the perfect car for him. This pursuit towards making his dream a reality, led to the creation of the Design-1 aimed at putting focus back on the driver in a time were technology is taking over.

Rather than focusing on all out performance in a world were super cars and hyper cars compete over the tenths of a second. Anthony believed in making those seconds count for something more. The Design-1 was intended to engage at any speed and any gear. The styling captivates the eye, whilst the exhaust note and sensation of shifting gears captivates the senses in a way cars today simply don't. The focus on driver engagement is noticeable as soon as you sit in the car, all the cars instruments have a design inspired by cars of the 60s in that they feel tactile and robust. The ignition switch feeling as though it was taken straight out of a fighter jet, whilst the steering is direct and precise providing the driver with all the feedback you could ever ask for. This also extends to the pedals which allow for easy heel-toe actions and left foot breaking due to their positioning and feel, as well as the centre console padding which allows you to rest your leg whilst driving.

Anthony's focus on delivering the most engaging experience by focusing on providing the driver with everything he needs in a car that is beautifully designed and when inside presents such a minimalist interior that you come to realize it has everything a driver could ever want in a trim that will not date for years to come.

Since the Design-1's introduction, Anthony has taken the feedback of customers and now spends part of his time designing new parts for owners to add to their Design-1. These parts build on a beautiful foundation that allows each car to be unique in their own way and ensure each owner brings their vision to life. Alongside work on future projects which will be announced in the months ahead.

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