The story of Frederic Juillot

Frederic Juillot at the Jannarelly Automotive facility

Frederic Juillot has been a real mechanical sports enthusiast since childhood, thanks to his father and grand father at the age of 16 he was part of the gliders French team, achieving 1500 hours of flight with the best carbon fiber gliders. This was followed by entries into the French Speed Championship racing Yamaha bikes for 3 seasons achieving runner up in two of the three championships in 2001 and 2002. The result of this experience led to Frederic becoming an expert in composite materials and mechanical systems having worked for some of the largest sailing teams around including Groupama, Gitana, Brossard and Sodebo.

In 2006, he established his first company called Addict Composites based in France constructing racing Sailboats with the most reputable being the carbon fiber mini transit 6.50 prototypes reputed to be the finest boats in the fleet, alongside being both the lightest, fastest and most reliable. This was accompanied by his work as a service provider to the sailing teams mentioned previously in addition to making various modifications/ repairs for the races around the globe. This success led his company to becoming one of the prime contractors on the IMOCA 60ft « Groupe BEL “ VPLP plan and Guillaume Verdier for Kito de Pavant with his team in Italy. A beautiful winner.

The growing demand for cruise-racing boats, led to the creation of EQUATION COMPOSITE LLC in Dubai in the year 2008, leading to the creation of many high-performance and luxury boats. Whilst the newly founded company supplied many racing teams with carbon fiber part alongside assisting in special projects around the UAE and the world.

As years passed by, Frederic met Anthony in 2014 when the opportunity presented itself to create his own car using his years of expertise and the facilities he had developed over the years alongside an individual who has an eye for design as well as the technical expertise for them both to make this dream a reality. Leading to the creation of Jannarelly Automotive.

Their complimentary skills allow them to cover critical areas required in the automotive business. For example, Anthony is in charge of the concept and design up to the CAD modelling of the composites mold while Frederic is supervising the process to meet the production needs and the resources available. They both have a strong engineering background and experience in running companies providing the base for a perfect relationship.


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