Veloce Life

On the 2nd of February a newly established brand called Veloce Life sought to bring together car enthusiast from around the region and provide a new opportunity for consumers and fans of luxury lifestyle brands to experience unique products. Ranging from cars to watches as well as art pieces and create an experience unlike any other.

The event itself brought together a wide variety of cars ranging from the latest hyper cars like the Senna to classic cars from the likes of Porsche and Ford. Throughout the day people gathered to share their stories as the majority of cars at the event had their owners present, presenting unique insight into the the cars themselves. Not to miss a unique opportunity to join in, we brought two of our Design-1's to to show the public. One of the cars being number 2/30 owned by Roger El Talil showcasing the aero screen and carbon fibre fin and the other being our demo car in its coupe configuration. These cars proved extremely popular amongst the crowd, as they offered something new and unique by a brand most people were unaware of until that day.

The unique ambience of car number 2 being placed next to the cigar lounge where a specialist cuban cigar-roller showcased his unique techniques, whilst classical music played in the background. Provided the perfect setting for showcasing our brands philosophy of a retro-futuristic experience in both design and technology. In an age were information is readily available and consumers often aware of products before their official unveiling, the Design-1's presence allowed people to find out information from the designer himself. Anthony Jannarelly was present throughout the event to answer questions about the car, offering insight into the inspiration behind the project and what led him to following the path he did.

It is rare outside motor shows for people to be granted such an opportunity. Veloce Life proved a success amongst car enthusiasts and produced an event that allowed people to share their stories and connect with others in the car community and we at Jannarelly look forward to future events from the brand.


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